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Kickboxing Goes 2-0_ ATT’s Hard Work is Paying Off

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Congratulations to ATT”S very own Dewy White and Amos Bawi on their kickboxing debut this weekend. Dewey White has been training with ATT for just over a year and decided it was time to display his dedication to the sport. He stepped into the cage and took care of his business. Dewey is now 1-0 as a kickboxer. Amos has been with ATT for less than a year but shows dedication and hard working by being consistent and training  every day putting in 100% effort. He took the fight with one day’s notice against a much heavier opponent yet his perseverance  prevailed and he came out on top. Coach Anthony Hill has a lot to do with their success. His dedication to his fighters and his commitment provides them with the training they needed to accomplish their W’s. The best part about ATT is that we are a Family and that being said, the Boxing coach, Sam Hawkins showed his dedication to the team by spending his time working with Dewey to help him to get his hands right. Coach Sam is the newest member to ATT  but treats all of our fighters like one of his own. With Coach Anthony’s Knowledge in kickboxing and Coach Sam’s Knowledge in Boxing, Dewey and Amos were able to prevail. ATT could not be more proud of their fighters and their coaching staff. 

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